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We are producers of the beauty tools with the history of more than 20 years. During these years we built not only a strong company but also 3 factories with the capacity of 20 million pieces per year. We set ourselves difficult tasks to create innovative beauty products available for everyone. Strong corporate culture helps to build a long term relationships with our customers. Every year JSIUbeauty tries to be the better version of itself than it was in previous years. Future = changes in the present.

JSIUbeauty wants to become one of the leading manufactures of the beauty tools who take care not only about the customers and staff but also about the environment. Modern technologies and new innovations will help to save the earth together.

Our ethical principles:
Respect - our actions affect on the people live and we can`t let them down
Honesty - honest work is necessary to build and maintain  confidential, strong relationship
Openness - people in JSIUbeauty are open with each other therefore they are open with customers. Our team will always help to find a solution even from the hopeless situation

1.«Available beauty care»
2.« Fun & easy make up»

3.«Make up with care of the environment»