How Brushes were made

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How Brushes Are Made

Bristle PreProcessing

Bristle is the fundament of quality cosmetic brush, processing includes cleaning, mixing, hair down, and weighting.
Before processing the bristles are bundled like hay blocks, to get the desired color the bristles are hand sorted and combined by specific proportion. For animal hair, there is a difference between tip and root, the animal hair will be hair downed to remove reverse bristles. Vegan and animal hair are available for customization. Bristle processing is the first step for cosmetic brush manufacturing.


The bristles are imported from bristle plant in bundle, the bristles are sorted and conbined by specific  proposition.

Hair Down

Animal hair has smooth tip and pointy root. To aviod prickly touch the reversed bristles need to be remove with care.


Amount of hair differ for each model, the brush hair are presicely meansure. If not the tube can be too loose or too tight.

Bristle shaping

The bristle heads are handcrafted to meet the required variation of the cosmetic brush model,
Shaping is an important step in cosmetic brush manufacturing, The pre-processed bristles are shaped by model caps then smoothed by clipper, the bristle warped by contained by plastic paper then transfer into aluminum tube. The tube is polished by hand to make sure a smooth installation. Flat brushes need to be pressed for shaping.


After the bristle are processed, Shape the bristle head using modeling cap, tied with yarn to constrain the shape.


The bottom of the bristle are smoothed with clipper,  warped by plastic paper than slide into alluminium tube.

Tube warping

The inner of alluminium tube are polished to fit more smoothly, flat brush need to be pressed for shaping.

Quality Control & Assembly

After dring the excess glue need to be carefully removed and the bristle sharp is precisly meansured by calibrater, any visible defect are trimmed to perfection by hand using tweezers and utility knife.
Finnally the brush head is ready for installation and packaged for delivery


Glue is applied on alluminum tubes to be dried in fan room, excess glue are removed by hand.


The brush shape are meansured by calibreator to ensure precision, excess bristle and unregular shape are cutted by utility knife. 


The proturding  bristles 

Cosmetic brush supplier  & Manufacter 

We know that for a company to achieve excellence, it must have the strongest and most consistent quality systems.
Our factory are regulated by strict quality control system. A single mistake in any step result inferior product.