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Different type of hair brush

Different type of hair brush

There may be various classification methods for hair brushes, such as hairbrush used in professional hair salons and civilian hair combs according to the occasion of use, or wooden hair combs, plastic hair combs, bristle hair combs, and so on. Here I will classify by function

Hair Comb

a tool consisting of a shaft that holds a row of teeth for pulling through the hair to clean, untangle, or style it.


Cushion Brush

Bristles are mounted on flexible cushion, to reduce hair breakage during detangling.


Paddle Brush

Usually referring to a big square brush with flexible cushion, which helps it bend and move to the contours of your head.


Thermal Brush

a round brush with metallic barrel and bristle on it, use for hair styling. Thermal brush is designed to extend the distribution of heat to hair


Detangling Brush

Build customer journeys and finally infiltrate new markets. Drive best in class so that as an end result, we surprise and delight. Inform user engagement and finally use best practice. Synchronise below the fold yet use best practice. Repurposing stakeholder management to in turn funnel users.


Edge Brush

An edge brush (a.k.a edge control brush) is a small boar bristle brush with a long handle that’s used to smooth damp baby hairs along your hairline for a sleek look. When used with an edge control product, like a hair gel or pomade, you’ll be able to achieve various styles.



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What kind of hair brush you need?

What kind of hair brush you need?

People with different hair need a hairbrush that suits their hair type

  • Most Asians have straight hair, and little hard. They often need to comb their hair straight. So they need a brush with little stiff bristle/pins, and still flexible. Shinning on black color is also improtant, so a premier quality bristle brush is a good choice.
  • Caucasians tend to have curly hair, which is relatively soft and requires a softer brush. Tangle Teezer and Wet Brush are designed according to this type of hair, OG brush from Olivia Garden used flexible cushion, make it even better performance.
  • Most Africans have really curly hair, which is generally difficult to be straighten. Ordinary hairbrushes are not easy to comb this type of hair, so you need a club brush, or choose a hairbrush with thick and flexible pins.
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What is a good hair brush

How to choose hair brush: The Ultimate Guide to Help You!

What is a good hair brush

You could spend USD150 to buy a Mason Pearson hair brush, or you choose to spent 1 dollar, you could have many options to buy in dollar store, so what is a good hair brush? Surely it will be difference answer by different people, I am here list something common and something good for specified people.

A Good Hair Brush Should be Like This:

Good detangling

Wet Brush and Tangle teezer created a blooming market for detangling brush in past decade, both of them are pretty good, now, more and more detangling models in the market, like EZ brush for African, OG hair brush by Olivia Garden, with upgraded detangling, and easy cleaning, Michel Mercier Detangling Hairbrush has good reputation with less painful.


Most brush could not clean brush easier, Strong recommend OG Brush by Olivia Garden, detachable cushion design.


A good flexible cushion and well curve designed bristle are key points to be good massager brush, Finger brush make the best fitting with scalp, and OG brush by Olivia Garden specially designed concaved cushion, which make it good comfortable massager.


Static create a lot of headache, make hair frizzy, flyaways is an eternal problem, using pure natural boar bristle could reduce static dramatically, like Mason Pearson, but a good boar bristle brush may cost you dozes dollar, Moroccanoil has a static reduced hair brush as they used ionic technology with bristles.

hair loss

Manta Hair introduced a pricey brush, it is specially designed for cancer patients.

& Shinning

A good paddle brush could give you straight and smooth hair, you could choice Aveda wooden brush, Moroccanoil paddle brush is also recommended.

Recommend Hair Brushes

OG Brush
                 by Olivia Garden

The Olivia Garden Detangler Brush has special bristles that are perfect for medium to thick hair for quick and pain-free detangling. Comfortable ball point tips are gentle on the hair & scalp and great for detangling and brushing. Removable Cushion for easy cleaning to keep your brushes truly clean at all times.

OG brush are selling at price USD11.95, little bit pricey, if you are profesional stylist, you have chance to get a discount price.


  • Good Detangling
  • 3 Selections
  • Easy Cleaning
  • for Wet & Dry


  • Need to buy 3 brushes.

Manta Brush
                 by Manta Hair

Manta Brush designed specially for chemotherapy people, who is losing hair much easier.


  • Minimal hair loss
  • Good Detangling
  • Well fitting scalp
  • Pocket Size


  • Too too expensive
  • Strange & Difficult Holding

                 by Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil combs and brushes are constructed with heat-resistant, high-quality materials to simplify styling and detangle with ease.


  • Smoothing & Shinning
  • Anti-Static
  • Best size


  • Detangling
  • Little expensive

Type of Hair Brush

10 Best Hair Brushes in 2022 for Every Hair Type

Hair brush can be divided into cushion brush, detangling brush, thermal brush, paddle brush, comb, … according to styles.

Hair Brush also could be divided into plastic hair brush, wood hair brush, boar bristle brush, bamboo brush, PCR recycled brush, Wheat Strew brush.

Hair brush also could be categories by professional hair brush, which mainly for hair salon and retail brush for consumer market.

Cushion Brush
                 classified by style

Cushion brush usually mean to brush pins or bristles mounted on a flexible cushion with air inside, so bristles/pins could be well flexibility. It could be helpful with better detangling, and also good for head massager.

Most hair brush used rubber material with cushion before, now due to material safety, and better productivity, more and more brush used PTR instead of rubber. Even more some brush used other elastic plastic material like TPEE.

Wet brush used cushion also, but it is so hard to be flexible, it is a pity. JSIU invented special cushion structure, so it could be well mounted, and also flexible.

Paddle Brush
                 classified by style

Paddle brush usually referring to a large, flat and wide hair brush with an air-filled cushion and has plastic bristles, which helps it bend and move to the contours of your head. that means it’s perfect for detangling and smoothing out hair. Handle could be plastic,  wood or bamboo.

They are ideal for detangling, smoothing, and adding shine to your hair creating a sleek straight look.

Aveda and Moroccanoil introduce good reputation paddle brush.

Thermal Brush
                 classified by style

A round brush with metallic barrel and bristle on it, use for hair styling. Thermal brush is designed to extend the distribution of heat to hair.

A good thermal brush should be ionic and ceramic, usually ceramic for professional hair brush is difference from retail models, it used real ceramic.

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ionic is most famous thermal brush in the market, they also lunched New Thermovent line.

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10 Best Hair Brushes in 2022 for Every Hair Type

10 Best Hair Brushes in 2022 for Every Hair Type

10 Best Hair Brushes in 2022 for Every Hair Type

Hair brush is a brush with hard or soft bristles used in hair handling to make hair smooth and stylish.

With the development of material and industrial capacity, the hair brush develops more types for different types. The brush stick can have a cushion, or be paddle or round. The materials of brush handles are various, including ebony, rosewood, new guinea rosewood, beech, abs plastic, polyacetal, etc., and the bristles also have many material resources, such as boar bristle, wood, horsehair, nylon, stainless steel, and so forth.

According to the report by WRDE, in 2020, the global Hair Brush market size was USD 653.1 million and is forecast to 1047.9 million US in 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.2% during 2021-2027. We’ve identified the 10 best hair brushes in the market of 2022 by the different needs of the consumers.

Wet Detangling Hair Brush​

Wet Detangling Hair Brush

  • Best for Detangling
  • Best Popularity

This detangling brush has proprietary IntelliFlex bristles, which can flex and bend with your strands (without the cringe-worthy snap) to smoothly remove rough areas without harm or rips. It’s fantastic for detangling wet hair, but it may also be used on dry strands.

The Wet Brush Original Detangler, a favorite of stylists, editors, and hair obsessives everywhere are gentle on wet and dry hair of any texture. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and can be used on wigs and extensions.

Looking for a classic detangler manufacturer? Read more!

Tangle Teaser Detangling Hair Brush​

Tangle Teaser Detangling Hair Brush

  • Best for Detangling
  • Best Aesthetics

This brush does exactly what it says in the title: it teases the tangles out of your wet (or dry) hair. It’s the perfect no-frills detangling brush, with a tiny size that makes it easy and a vibrant color palette that makes it entertaining. In other words, it’s simple to stow in your workout bag and apply after a shower for smooth, lustrous results.

Looking for a tangle teaser manufacturer? Read more!

Flexible Hair Brush

Flexible Hair Brush

  • Best for Drying Hair Brush
  • Best for Styling

Because they allow heat to circulate through the brush, they can assist illuminate static and frizz when blow drying. Ionic brushes are supposed to add negative ions to hair, reducing static and frizz, while metal combs may help with static.

Looking for a tangle teaser brush manufacturer? Read more!

Eco Friendly Hair Brush​

Eco Friendly Hair Brush

  • Best for Esthetic Product
  • Best for Detangling

FSC approved BSCI certified cruelty free hair brush reduces the discomfort of hair tangling, broken ends, and breaking while also reducing carbon emissions. Lindo’s Biodegradable Hair Brush is manufactured from eco-friendly materials like straw, rice husk, and polymer resin. The brush’s flexible leaf design and ball-tipped bristles ensure that it glides through a range of hair types with ease.

Looking for an eco-friendly hair brush manufacturer? Read more!
Foldable Hair Brush​

Foldable Hair Brush

  • Best for Travel Hair Brush

The innovative fold flexes a Foldable full-size detangling brush that saves space. It is convenient to carry in purses, pockets, or bags because it is folding and retractable. It’s ideal for use in outdoor settings such as gyms, pools, and camping. has precisely developed bristles that help to smooth hair. They include special nylon brainy bristles that help detangle dry or damp hair without pulling or harming the strands. The bristles contain double-dipped argan oil-infused tips that increase the quality of your hair without making it oily. This heat-resistant travel brush can tolerate a variety of temperatures. 

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

Boar Bristle Hair Brush

  • Best for Hair Conditioning 
  • Best for Fine and Medium Hair
Boar bristle brushes are well-known for detangling and nourishing hair, and they also assist to distribute oils more evenly throughout the lengths and ends of the hair, preventing breakage.
Looking for boar bristle hair brush manufacturer? Read more!
Boar bristle Ultra Detangler

Boar bristle Ultra Detangler

  • Ideal for all hair types
Hair is wavy or straight, this thick hair brush will provide a delightful experience! The teeth of the Boar bristle detangling brush are comprised of boar hair blended with nylon, which can improve the health of your hair and lessen combing pain. If you use Boar Hair Brushes, you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair or pulling your scalp.
Use the Boar bristle Brush while drying your hair to help it dry faster.
The ergonomically constructed comb board turns combing hair into a pleasurable experience and relieves you of the pain.
Looking for a Boar bristle Ultra Detangle manufacturer? Read more!
Edge Hair Brush​

Edge Hair Brush

  • Best for Costme Hair Style
Edge brushes are made specifically with the customer’s hair in mind
Edge brush help achieve perfect hair style with minimum effort, the firm brush side is made of boar bristle and the comb side has a lot of plastic bristles with high flexibility ideal to make even the curliest hair sleek.
Leatherwood Detangler Brush

Leatherwood Detangler Brush

  • Best for Curly Hair Type
The Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush has been dubbed the “Mason Pearson of detangling brushes” Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush was created by the celebrity hairstylist of the same name. It was praised by almost every stylist she spoke with.
Looking for a Leatherwood Detangler Brush manufacturer? Read more!
Paddle Hair Brush

Paddle Hair Brush

  • Best for Scalp Massage
It has a bamboo handle and bristles that massage the scalp and promote blood flow, wood pin tips that softly massage the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles and boosting circulation.
It’s designed to be extra mild, so it’s ideal for those with fine, straight hair (but it’s acceptable for everyone), and it leaves a smooth, healthy finish.

We are a leading brush manufacturer in China we have 4 factories located in Ningbo and Henan, we are an ODM supplier for cosmetic and day care products. We are FSC BSCI licensed.

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Top 5 Custom Hair Brush Manufacturers in 2022

Top 5 Custom Hair Brush Manufacturers in 2021

Planning to import hair brushes from the world’s famous brand? In this guide, we list 5 manufacturers producing both custom-designed (OEM) hair brushes.

Listed Companies

  • JSIU
  • Vickky
  • BoomHome
  • Tongsan
  • QiLin


JSIU Custom Hair Brush

JSIU is a manufacturer specializing in providing custom hair brushes because we know that in the current global trade, Chinese hair brush manufacturers have more advantages than any other country’s production. As we all know, the hair brush suppliers in China provide products with better quality, cheaper prices, and more varieties. Choosing their products can bring more profit growth.

Address: 10F, Hi Tech Park, 1528, JiangNan Road, Ningbo, 315048, China
Phone: +86-574-27889688
E-mail: [email protected]

2. Vickky

Vickky Custom Hair Brush Manufacturer

Inherent Advantage

Vickky is located in HuZhou, near Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. This is almost the most convenient location for sea, land and air transportation.
China still has huge potential for raw materials and labor costs.

Acquired Advantage

150 workers specialize in hair beautyproducts producing.
Vickky’s annual output value is $ 20 million.
OEM, ODM Acceptable.
Vickky has experienced mould development capability and can modify product design and packaging for our customers.
Vickky services are constantly being innovated and upgraded in a market where prices are semi-transparent.

Over 250 customers all of the world from hair beauty industries constantly confirm the confidence in Vickky, and the number is continue rising.

Phone: +86-572-2127197
E-mail: [email protected]

3. BoomHome

BoomHome Custom Hair Brush Manufacturer

Established in 2007, Ningbo Haishu Boom Home Co., Ltd. is a professional mature enterprise, specializing in the production of wood combs and brushes and other wood products. The company is headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang, and has many factories in Zhejiang, Fujian and other places. It is a professional manufacturer to provide a variety of household goods in the Chinese market and overseas market.

Our company has more than ten years of solid wood production experience, we will be the first time to understand the needs of your customers, our technology is outstanding in the industry, so we can meet most of the customized needs. We can offer OEM/ODM service for a wood hair brush, wooden comb, bamboo hair brush, baby hair brush set, boar hair brush, wooden round brush, wooden body brush, pet combs and brushes, wooden face brush as well as other brushes with personalized logo, and can custom the packaging for customers.

Address: No.128, Xinfu Road, Gaoqiao Town, Haishu District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China
Phone: +86-574-88141517
E-mail: [email protected]

4. Tongsan

Tongsan Custom Hair Brush Manufacturer

Ningbo Tongsan Daily Necessities Co., Ltd specialize in manufacturing wooden hair brushes, bamboo hair brushes, shaving brushes, round roller hairbrushes, dry body brushes, bamboo bath brushes, boar bristle hair brush, wood comb, bamboo comb, bamboo wood pet grooming brushes, bamboo wood dish brush, etc. located in Ningbo, China.

Address: ShangWang Industrial Zone, ShiQi Town, HaiShu District, Ningbo 315155, China
Phone: +86 15268383354
E-mail: [email protected]

5. Creative Art

QiLin Custom Hair Brush Manufacturer

Dongguan QiLin Hairdressing Products Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of hairbrushes, combs, body brushes, shaving brushes, edge brushes, hair roller, barber capes and other hairdressing accessories, was founded in 1997. For more than 20 years, QiLin has been one of the leaders in the hairdressing product line. We have our own brand “Creative art”.

Our products include hair brushes, hair combs, hair straighteners, hair curlers, hair scissors and other hairdressing accessories. Our products sell well in many countries and regions, including North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia and so on. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Address: Room 403, Bldg. A, Xinjidi 360 Internet Ind. Zone, No. 163, South Of Dongcheng Middle Road, Zhushan Community, Dongcheng Street, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Phone: +86-0769-27229711
E-mail: [email protected]

The Bottom Line

We have discussed the top 5 manufacturers of custom hair brushes. All these companies provide high quality hair brushes. All have a different design, benefits, etc. But the most important thing is their support and reliability. They make brushes according to safety standards.

If you have hair brushes needs, you can contact us, we will provide you with help and give you the best solution.

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Top 10 Makeup Brush Manufacturers in 2022

Top 10 Makeup Brush Manufacturers in 2022



TaikiUSA helps companies make a statement with their own private label cosmetic brushes. Work with us to develop and produce turn-key products with full-service support from design to delivery. As a leading makeup brush manufacturer for over 90 years, Taiki continues to introduce new technologies and innovative designs that help makeup and skincare brands own the application process. Our design and consulting experts help with every step of the process

Headquarter: USA

2. Pennelli Faro


Pennelli Faro S.r.l. is an internationally recognized manufacturer of brushes and accessories for fine arts and cosmetics.

Pennelli Faro has the headquarters and the entire production process in Italy, located in the historic and traditional brush manufacturing district of the Cremona area, producing some of the finest brushes on the market since 1971. Ecology is an important aspect we always keep in mind. We respect the environment around us and our products do not contain any substance dangerous for human beings or nature. Our premises are environmentally friendly and the energy is supplied by our geothermic plant of solar panels with zero emissions.

Headquarter: Italy



JSIU is a manufacturer specializing in providing wholesale makeup brushes because we know that in the current global trade, Chinese makeup brush manufacturers have more advantages than any other country’s production. As we all know, the makeup brush suppliers in China provide products with better quality, cheaper prices, and more varieties. Choosing their products can bring more profit growth.

Headquarter: China

4. MyColor


“MyColor” aims to help everyone discover and love their own beauty. We have a passion for makeup and are committed to developing and manufacturing high-quality makeup brushes at affordable prices. After about 10 years’ experience, now we have many private moldings and patents. Your OEM/ODM orders are also welcomed.

Our “Jessup” Cosmetics are selling very well all over the world through amazon, aliexpress, eBay, Etc.

Our products are highly praised by many big brand companies, such as MAC, RIMMEL, BOBBI BROWN, MAYBELLINE and more from the US, Italy, Australia and UK areas, etc.

Headquarter: China

5. SoMakeup


Established in 2008, SoMakeup has expanded to a large plant occupying 3000㎡ & houses more than 300 experienced workers.

Our product range covers make-up brush sets, powder brushes, blush brushes, eye shadow brushes, lip brushes, blender brushes, nail brushes.

With our capability in OEM/ODM orders, product development, manufacturing, product packaging and shipping, we are proud to offer one-stop cosmetic brush solutions to brand owners and makeup brush wholesalers just like you!

Headquarter: China

6. Jafon


Shenzhen Jafon Cosmetic Accessories Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of beauty products, such as professional make-up brushes set, powder brushes, blush brushes, eyeshadow brushes, lip brushes, blender brushes, nail brushes, art brushes, etc. and accessories. We can offer OEM, ODM services for different clients.

Our factory was established in 1998, located in the beautiful city of Shenzhen in China. And we are near Hong Kong, enjoying the convenient traffic. With 16 years of experience, we have supplied professional beauty products at a competitive price. We own a factory with more than 300 employees. Our efficient equipment ensures us the ability to make many kinds of cosmetic brushes and accessories. We produce a new cosmetic brush every week.

Headquarter: China

7. Chanmy


Global custom private label makeup brushes manufacturer-your own brand name innovative & creative workshop, each brush is individually handcrafted by very skilled craftsmen and created with function in mind. Our private label brushes are of the highest quality to ensure the perfect makeup application. Whether you are applying face, cheek or eye makeup, our makeup brushes will give a precise and flawless makeup application.

The customizing private label makeup brushes including powder brushes, bronzer brushes, contouring brushes, highlighting brushes, cheek blush brushes, liquid foundation brushes, tapered eyeshadow blending brushes, eye crease brushes, eye shader brushes, smudge brushes, brow brushes, eyeliner brushes, lip brushes, fan brushes, body polishing brushes and various professional artist makeup brush sets, we only select the high quality raw materials and several-decade-year of rich brush hair producing experiences to produce the finest quality professional makeup brushes with fashionable design, exquisite handcrafted workmanship.

Headquarter: China

8. Kingyin


Kingyin is a professional Chinese makeup brush factory, with more than 15 years of experience in makeup brush production and custom makeup brushes OEM service for worldwide customers and brands.

Kingyin is ISO9001 certified, UKS audited; with standard workshop, strict quality control and management system, which can ensure makeup brush production and quality. 90% of Kingyin makeup brushes are sold to overseas-USA, Europe, UK, Korea, India, Brazil, etc.

Headquarter: China

9. Kosmos

Kosmos makeup brush


Shenzhen City Kosmos Beauty Co., Ltd. is a private label makeup brush manufacturer and supplier, located in Longhua District, Shenzhen city, China. It serves customers to create makeup brush lines with their own brand names and logos. The team has been in makeup brush manufacturing and international business activities for a long time, ensuring effective communication and good quality products for worldwide clients.

Our clients include large organizations as well as small start-up companies and makeup artists. We look forward to developing more business with current clients and new customers, to satisfy your market requirements.

Headquarter: China

10. Karina


Shenzhen Karina Makeup tools Limited (Karina) is one of the renowned makeup brush manufacturers in China. Established in 2010 in Guanlan, Shenzhen, our makeup products are not confined to just makeup brushes, but we also offer foundation brushes, lip brushes, blusher brushes, powder brushes, cosmetic bags, etc. Please visit our “products” tab to know our range of makeup products. Our customers receive the products in a maximum of 10-45 Working Days.

Because of our makeup brushes, we have won several awards and are the priority for Makeup brushes for professional makeup artists all over China and around the world.

Headquarter: China

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Top 5 Boar Bristle Brush Manufacturers in 2022

Good hair inspires confidence, and many people would go to great lengths to achieve healthy and good looking hair. According to research conducted by OnePoll, 28% of Americans would rather get stuck in traffic than have a bad hairdo.

What most people don’t know is that having healthy hair starts with the type of hairbrush you use. If you don’t choose the right brush for your mane, chances are you will experience a static, frizzy effect, and your hair will get damaged.

Due to the high demand for boar bristle brushes in various countries, there are many manufacturing companies around the world. Today, we are going to discuss the top 5 manufacturers of boar bristle brushes.

1. KENT Brushes

Kent Boar Bristle Brush

Kent Brushes is the world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer – we’ve been crafting beautiful handmade brushes for 243 years, and we’re proud of that.

We also distribute to more than 50 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and regions including Europe, Scandinavia and The Middle East.

With an extensive selection of brushes including styling brushes, radials, ceramics, vents, ionic paddle, volumizing and pure bristle, Kent Brushes are the perfect choice for both salon and retail use.

We are renowned for our passion for bristle brushes. The bristle is sourced from the finest bristle merchants in India and China, where quality is guaranteed. Timbers are chosen from sustainable forests throughout the world, selected for their beauty, grain, color and suitability to be shaped, drilled and polished.

Address: G.B Kent & Sons Plc, London Road, Apsley, Hemel, Hempstead, HP3 9SA UK

Phone: +44 (0)1442 23 26 23

E-mail: [email protected]


2. BASS Brushes​

BASS Boar Bristle Brush

For over 40 years, Bass has created luxury grade brushes, body, and skin tools for professional stylists, barbers, and aestheticians, emphasizing natural, sustainable, and durable materials.

The key features that still distinguish Bass Brushes to this day were apparent even then. Luxury grade crafting and an emphasis on pure natural materials all at a value that was accessible for everyday shoppers.

For many years, the business continued from the garage, but eventually expanded to a series of dedicated suites and eventually a building in Las Vegas. Every year the brand grew, expanding from hair to body, shaving, and cosmetic brushes, but Bass has never strayed far from the specialty of brush making. Today, more than 40 years later Bass Brushes has a worldwide presence and reputation for classic design, natural materials, innovation, and value.

Address: 6975 Speedway Blvd. Bldg. D-103Las Vegas, NV USA

Phone: 800.742.4736

E-mail: [email protected]


3. JSIU Brushes

JSIU Boar Bristle Brush

JSIU is a manufacturer specializing in providing wholesale boar bristle hair brushes because we know that in the current global trade, Chinese boar bristle hairbrush manufacturers have more advantages than any other country’s production. As we all know, the boar bristle hair brush suppliers in China provide products with better quality, cheaper prices, and more varieties. Choosing their products can bring more profit growth.

Boar bristle brushes bring out the natural texture of smooth, wavy, or curly hair, unlike many other brush styles. This is not the brush you are going to use on wet hair or to style your hair, but it’s the best regular brush to remove tangles from your hair, improve its body, and keep it shiny. Know why you should try a boar bristle brush.

Our boar bristle hairbrush is suitable for the elderly, young people, and children. We also provide OEM/ODM services. If you are looking for a wholesale boar bristle hairbrush not listed above, you may need to customize a boar bristle hairbrush, please contact us immediately. We are very willing to provide you with assistance and cooperation.


Address: 10F, Hi Tech Park, 1528, JiangNan Road, Ningbo, 315048, China

Phone: +86-574-27889688

E-mail: [email protected]


4. SHASH Brushes

SHASH Boar Bristle Brush

At SHASH, we’ve turned grooming into a work of art. Made in Germany since 1920, our brushes are manufactured utilizing the latest technologies without compromising traditional, time-honored craftsmanship. Inspected at every stage of the process, each brush reflects our commitment to unprecedented quality. Premium raw materials like 100% boar hair and FSC-certified wood ensure they’re ecologically sourced and built to last. Beautifully finished with a sophisticated design, SHASH products allow you to take pride in your appearance.


Address: 1005 Alderman Dr. Suite # 214

E-mail: [email protected]


5. SONVERA Brushes

SONVERA Boar Bristle Brush

Sonvera company has its origins in 2018 as a small family business for natural bamboo boar bristles hairbrush.  We started with just a few lines of natural hair brushes for generic usages, with the aim of giving our customers the best experience, while achieving the desired look. Today, we have grown to be a full-fledged company that offers a wide range of hairbrushes catered for various purposes, and providing different solutions for daily needs. The hair brushes are designed by our own team of designers to give the perfect combination of ergonomics, style, and function.


Address: 116 NE BARRON DR C202 OAK HARBOR, WA, US 98277

Phone: 18127574519


The Bottom Line

We have discussed the top 5 manufacturers of boar bristle brushes. All these companies provide high quality boar bristle brushes. All have a different design, technology, benefits, etc. But the most important thing is their support and reliability. They make brushes according to safety standards.

If you have boar bristle brushes needs, you can contact us, we will provide you with help and give you the best solution.

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Boar Bristle VS Nylon Brush: What’s The Difference

Anyone can use boar hairbrushes or a nylon brush to achieve those gorgeous salon waves. We can help you to find out the benefits and differences between JSIU’s professional boar hair and nylon bristle brushes.


First, Let’s Talk Bristle Basics

Boar Hair

Just as the name suggests, brushes with boar bristles come from the hairs of boars. Boar hair is similar in structure to human hair and contains the same protein as human hair, keratin.

The bristles are collected from domesticated animals that are being raised. The hair is removed humanely, almost as if you are shearing a lamb.

There are three different variations of boar bristle combinations:

● 100% boar hair

● Reinforced boar bristles with nylon cut to the same length.

● A “Porcupine” bristle pattern with a boar and extended nylon

Ideal uses of boar bristles:

● Create tension by catching and holding the hair. The ‘tension’ that the bristles create helps with setting and holding the curls or preferred style.

● Catch and hold the hair for straightening strands when used in conjunction with the heat from a hairdryer or straightening products.

Benefits of using a boar bristle brush:

● They distribute your hair’s natural scalp oils more evenly from the roots of your hair until the ends.

● They strip the hair of any leftover dead strands leaving you with healthy hair

● Create a shine to your hair by closing the hair strands cuticle helping the hair reflect light.

● Increase the blood flow by stimulating your scalp, which may encourage growth.


Nylon Bristles

A nylon bristle brush, also known as synthetic brush, is called such because it uses nylon as the main material. In some cases, plastic is used for brush bristles.

Why do you need to choose a nylon bristle brush? It does not cause as much static as natural boar bristle brushes do. It is, therefore, ideal for detangling. Nylon bristle brushes are also great for quick drying and for achieving a bouncier blowout.

If body and volume are what you are looking for, then you need to opt for synthetic brushes. Nylon bristle brushes are able to retain more heat. If you want to curl your hair and keep it curled for longer, then you would want to invest in this type of brush.


Informed Decisions

There are many different types of brushes on the market that all provide various benefits to the hair. Knowing your hair type and texture can help you decide on what hair brushes are most useful to you.

JSIU has a wide variety of high-quality and top-rated hair brushes that will give you incredible-looking hair. Purchase your very own JSIU boar hair or nylon bristle hairbrush today!