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How to choose hair brush: The Ultimate Guide to Help You!

What is a good hair brush

You could spend USD150 to buy a Mason Pearson hair brush, or you choose to spent 1 dollar, you could have many options to buy in dollar store, so what is a good hair brush? Surely it will be difference answer by different people, I am here list something common and something good for specified people.

A Good Hair Brush Should be Like This:

Good detangling

Wet Brush and Tangle teezer created a blooming market for detangling brush in past decade, both of them are pretty good, now, more and more detangling models in the market, like EZ brush for African, OG hair brush by Olivia Garden, with upgraded detangling, and easy cleaning, Michel Mercier Detangling Hairbrush has good reputation with less painful.


Most brush could not clean brush easier, Strong recommend OG Brush by Olivia Garden, detachable cushion design.


A good flexible cushion and well curve designed bristle are key points to be good massager brush, Finger brush make the best fitting with scalp, and OG brush by Olivia Garden specially designed concaved cushion, which make it good comfortable massager.


Static create a lot of headache, make hair frizzy, flyaways is an eternal problem, using pure natural boar bristle could reduce static dramatically, like Mason Pearson, but a good boar bristle brush may cost you dozes dollar, Moroccanoil has a static reduced hair brush as they used ionic technology with bristles.

hair loss

Manta Hair introduced a pricey brush, it is specially designed for cancer patients.

& Shinning

A good paddle brush could give you straight and smooth hair, you could choice Aveda wooden brush, Moroccanoil paddle brush is also recommended.

Recommend Hair Brushes

OG Brush
                 by Olivia Garden

The Olivia Garden Detangler Brush has special bristles that are perfect for medium to thick hair for quick and pain-free detangling. Comfortable ball point tips are gentle on the hair & scalp and great for detangling and brushing. Removable Cushion for easy cleaning to keep your brushes truly clean at all times.

OG brush are selling at price USD11.95, little bit pricey, if you are profesional stylist, you have chance to get a discount price.


  • Good Detangling
  • 3 Selections
  • Easy Cleaning
  • for Wet & Dry


  • Need to buy 3 brushes.

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Manta Brush
                 by Manta Hair

Manta Brush designed specially for chemotherapy people, who is losing hair much easier.


  • Minimal hair loss
  • Good Detangling
  • Well fitting scalp
  • Pocket Size


  • Too too expensive
  • Strange & Difficult Holding

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                 by Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil combs and brushes are constructed with heat-resistant, high-quality materials to simplify styling and detangle with ease.


  • Smoothing & Shinning
  • Anti-Static
  • Best size


  • Detangling
  • Little expensive

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Type of Hair Brush

10 Best Hair Brushes in 2022 for Every Hair Type

Hair brush can be divided into cushion brush, detangling brush, thermal brush, paddle brush, comb, … according to styles.

Hair Brush also could be divided into plastic hair brush, wood hair brush, boar bristle brush, bamboo brush, PCR recycled brush, Wheat Strew brush.

Hair brush also could be categories by professional hair brush, which mainly for hair salon and retail brush for consumer market.

Cushion Brush
                 classified by style

Cushion brush usually mean to brush pins or bristles mounted on a flexible cushion with air inside, so bristles/pins could be well flexibility. It could be helpful with better detangling, and also good for head massager.

Most hair brush used rubber material with cushion before, now due to material safety, and better productivity, more and more brush used PTR instead of rubber. Even more some brush used other elastic plastic material like TPEE.

Wet brush used cushion also, but it is so hard to be flexible, it is a pity. JSIU invented special cushion structure, so it could be well mounted, and also flexible.

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Paddle Brush
                 classified by style

Paddle brush usually referring to a large, flat and wide hair brush with an air-filled cushion and has plastic bristles, which helps it bend and move to the contours of your head. that means it’s perfect for detangling and smoothing out hair. Handle could be plastic,  wood or bamboo.

They are ideal for detangling, smoothing, and adding shine to your hair creating a sleek straight look.

Aveda and Moroccanoil introduce good reputation paddle brush.

Thermal Brush
                 classified by style

A round brush with metallic barrel and bristle on it, use for hair styling. Thermal brush is designed to extend the distribution of heat to hair.

A good thermal brush should be ionic and ceramic, usually ceramic for professional hair brush is difference from retail models, it used real ceramic.

Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ionic is most famous thermal brush in the market, they also lunched New Thermovent line.

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