What is Best Hair Salon Thermal Brush?

What is Thermal Brush?

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Thermal brushes are a type of brush that is heated and they can be used to dry hair or style it, as well as to straighten and curl hair. The difference between the different kinds of thermal brushes is in the temperature and the type of bristles.

What is requested to be a good thermal brush?

High-Temperature Resistance

A hair Dryer could drive the temperature to 200 Degree or higher, regular nylon bristles will melt down, and most high-temperature resistant bristles will soften a lot. 

Anti-Static & Ionic

Static is created complexity,  it leads to brittle and frizzy hair, this is because the hair strands repel each other.

It is possible to reduce static dramatically with a good Ionic hair brush.



Ceramic brushes are ideal for smoothing coarser hair textures. A high-quality ceramic brush is also perfect for blowouts, Ceramic heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly, Thus, ceramic brushes help speed up the hair drying process.

Good Stiffness

A good stiffness bristle may be composed of different assorted bristles, the thick bristles keep good stiffness, and thin bristles help to hold hair.

Good density of bristles is also important.

Recommendation of thermal brush.

Ecoed Thermal Brush
Eurostil Eco Brush
Moroccan Oil Thermal Brush

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