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How Do We Design Hair Brush & Makeup Brush for You

Always keep in mind that we are designing for people. We catch market oppotunity by addressing consumers problem when using Beauty tools with our solution. 

Tell us the concept or function of the beauty tools you have in mind, we can help to realized your idea.

Private Label Products and Privated Packaging

JSIU Beauty can help you start an enterprise with your private label.  We could design a totally new products for you, we are ability to develop a new products with 3D design. Our 2D art design team does package design for your product and modifies the package if you provide it.  Our private label program is competitive on design quality for retailers looking for their unique advantage product.

Please contact us today and work with us to create an ideal and tailored program for your company.

Our Procedures

We have designed and manufactoried 100+ products and undating new product monthly

Market Research

Study Consumer demend, Conbine the fucntionality with market trending design.

3D Modeling

Using Standard sketch and 3D Modeling CAD. Make the process more efficient and the result more intuitive.


Contact with factory to produce Prototype for technical evaluation and testing.

Tooling Investment

We have well experience tooling team; be able to make best quality tooling.

Mass Production

Manufacture management for efficiency and cost control. Package design with private label.

Quality Control

We perform Massive testing before Manufacturing and each product is inspected before shipping to ensure Good Quality.