Eco-Friendly Detangling Wet Brush BD2359




Color Pink, Grey, Cyan
Cursion Material Nature Rubber
Handle Material PLA Biodegradable
Bristle Material PLA Biodegradable/Wood
Coating Anti static coating
Labeling Customizable
manufacturer Own factory, China
Hair type All Hair Type


Eco-Friendly Detangling Wet Brush Manufacter direct. The wet brush is popular style for many years, conbined with eco-friendly concept of base PLA biodegradable rubber flexible air 
paddle cushion, wooden pins. 3 surfacing are available, Biodegradable coating provide smooth and nature feeling on touch.

With its natural wooden pins, cushion wet brush can be the easiest and most hair-friendly way to detangle a wet or dry hair is a wide-toothed brush. And a wooden, wide-toothed comb like a Breeze-like sandalwood hair combo made of 100 % natural sandalwood and rubber sturdy and eco-friendly, and its natural sandalwood and rounded wooden teeth help to massage the scalp and spread the natural oils of your scalp.

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Flexible Detangling Wet Brush BD2359-01, Flexible Detangling Wet Brush BD2359-02, Flexible Detangling Wet Brush BD2359-03