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At Jsiu Beauty, we have over 25-years experience in the Beauty tools industry.  We specialize in many different types of brushes, and also deal with many more categories to meet our customer’s demand.

We design Brush for Sephora, develop Cleansing Brush for Rossmann, make Eco Friendly Hair Brush for major European retailers and are the best brush producer in China with the most advanced design and development capabilities.

Our main products include, hair brush, makeup brush, bath brush, electronic cleansing brush, makeup sponge, pedicure and manicure accessories, … 

We pride ourselves on strong Design & innovation.  We have capability with 3D design, package design and technology research. We are experts in exploring new industrial materials and incorporating them into beauty tools.  We focus on Biodegradable certified material, Wheat Straw, Extreme temperature resistance synthetic bristle and and anti-statics, just to name a few examples of our commitment to the beauty of technology!

We hold inspections to a higher standard than SGS & Intertek.  Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and trust our team to provide a superior level of service at no additional cost. 

Our Factories

Quality is Essential

We have 4 own factories in China, all these factories are brush manufacturer, our factory has certificate of BSCI, FSC, and LVHM factory audit.

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