Wooden Bamboo Hair Brush

Wooden and Bamboo hairbrush manufacturer:
eco-friendly concept hairbrush available with FSC and a number of environmentally friendly certifications.
Class Bamboo Hair Brush is some Bamboo hairbrush that we produce. It contains three types, first is the cushion brush with bamboo hand and air cushion normally made, better
the choice for massage head and smooth hair; the bamboo round brush, typically made with bristle by wooden hand, we supply boar bristle and nylon bristle, and mixed bristle alternative.

JSIU is the top manufacturer and supplier of the bamboo hairbrush in China. We specialize in providing high-quality bamboo hairbrush products to distributors, retailers, and e-commerce platforms in various countries. The bamboo hairbrush wholesaled by our company has the advantages of many kinds, good quality, and low price. If you need to find a suitable bamboo hairbrush supply channel, then we are your most suitable choice.

Do you wish to purchase a bulk order of bamboo hairbrush? At JSIU, we can certainly meet your production requirements. If you are looking for something not listed above, you may need to customize your bamboo hairbrush, please contact us immediately. We are very willing to provide you with assistance and cooperation.

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