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Anyone can use boar hairbrushes or a nylon brush to achieve those gorgeous salon waves. We can help you to find out the benefits and differences between JSIU’s professional boar hair and nylon bristle brushes.

First, Let’s Talk Bristle Basics

Boar Hair

Just as the name suggests, brushes with boar bristles come from the hairs of boars. Boar hair is similar in structure to human hair and contains the same protein as human hair, keratin.

The bristles are collected from domesticated animals that are being raised. The hair is removed humanely, almost as if you are shearing a lamb.

There are three different variations of boar bristle combinations:

● 100% boar hair

● Reinforced boar bristles with nylon cut to the same length.

● A “Porcupine” bristle pattern with a boar and extended nylon

Ideal uses of boar bristles:

● Create tension by catching and holding the hair. The ‘tension’ that the bristles create helps with setting and holding the curls or preferred style.

● Catch and hold the hair for straightening strands when used in conjunction with the heat from a hairdryer or straightening products.

Benefits of using a boar bristle brush:

● They distribute your hair’s natural scalp oils more evenly from the roots of your hair until the ends.

● They strip the hair of any leftover dead strands leaving you with healthy hair

● Create a shine to your hair by closing the hair strands cuticle helping the hair reflect light.

● Increase the blood flow by stimulating your scalp, which may encourage growth.

Nylon Bristles

A nylon bristle brush, also known as synthetic brush, is called such because it uses nylon as the main material. In some cases, plastic is used for brush bristles.

Why do you need to choose a nylon bristle brush? It does not cause as much static as natural boar bristle brushes do. It is, therefore, ideal for detangling. Nylon bristle brushes are also great for quick drying and for achieving a bouncier blowout.

If body and volume are what you are looking for, then you need to opt for synthetic brushes. Nylon bristle brushes are able to retain more heat. If you want to curl your hair and keep it curled for longer, then you would want to invest in this type of brush.

Informed Decisions

There are many different types of brushes on the market that all provide various benefits to the hair. Knowing your hair type and texture can help you decide on what hair brushes are most useful to you.

JSIU has a wide variety of high-quality and top-rated hair brushes that will give you incredible-looking hair. Purchase your very own JSIU boar hair or nylon bristle hairbrush today!

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