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What kind of hair brush you need?

People with different hair need a hairbrush that suits their hair type

  • Most Asians have straight hair, and little hard. They often need to comb their hair straight. So they need a brush with little stiff bristle/pins, and still flexible. Shinning on black color is also improtant, so a premier quality bristle brush is a good choice.
  • Caucasians tend to have curly hair, which is relatively soft and requires a softer brush. Tangle Teezer and Wet Brush are designed according to this type of hair, OG brush from Olivia Garden used flexible cushion, make it even better performance.
  • Most Africans have really curly hair, which is generally difficult to be straighten. Ordinary hairbrushes are not easy to comb this type of hair, so you need a club brush, or choose a hairbrush with thick and flexible pins.

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